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Mind at Ease: A low cost solution for deputyship applications

The thought of legal fees make most people cringe.  Most lawyers will provide an estimate, but your final bill may be significantly higher than the original quote.  Alternatively, you can draft your own Application for Deputyship, but to protect both you and your loved one, you really need professionals.

Mind at Ease offers friendly, competent, experienced lawyers who will walk you through the entire process, drafting important forms for you and answering your questions in an understandable and timely manner.  With Mind at Ease on your side, you never need to fear confusion or lack of communication.  Our advisers will ensure that your Application for Deputyship is correct the first time, helping you through a difficult time with minimal stress.

Mind at Ease will tell you up front what your cost will be without the fear of hidden fees.  When you need additional legal documents, Mind at Ease can provide them, saving you even more time.

Do you have questions about applying for a deputyship?

Telephone us or contact us today to start the process, so you can proved the assistance and care your loved one needs. We will be happy to answer any questions about your deputy ship application. Let us walk you through the process of applying with the Court of Protection.

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